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Welcome to Lakewood Functional
Restoration Program

At Lakewood Functional Restoration Program (LFRP), our team of rehabilitation experts are answering the call for help from chronic pain sufferers. We understand the challenges that come with a life disturbed and disrupted by physical pain and have designed a rehabilitation program to support our patients return to living more stronger, active lives. Our dedicated and experienced staff transforms our patients’ lives by providing the necessary professional support that will strengthen them physically, emotionally, and mentally. Our outstanding staff is led by Gary L. Baker, MD. Our staff includes an experienced psychologist, physician’s assistants, and a kinesiologist.

Located in the Los Angeles region and nearby Orange County, we offer a specialized program designed:

  • to increase physical strength, recovery, stamina, and function
  • to stimulate personal positive behaviors and goals
  • to improve pain-coping skills
  • to uphold healthy life through healthy eating
  • to promote the return to a positive, productive lifestyle
  • to decrease the need for medical intervention.

Make the decision to get stronger and healthier today and increase your faith in a positive, enhanced tomorrow by calling us for more information and a visit.

Our mission: Reaching Goals for Life