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Program Process

  • Patients are first consulted by our physician to determine if they are a candidate for a Functional Restoration Program.
  • Once a patient is a candidate and or referred to the Functional Restoration Program/Function Intervention Program a (MDE) Multi-Discipline Evaluation is performed by our team, which includes a (Physician, Psychologist, and Exercise Physiologist).
  • The Multi-Disciplinary Team meets to discuss each patient.
  • The Team meets with each patient to engage them in the results to determine the best treatment option for each patient.
  • The patient is then scheduled to meet with the team to discuss evaluation results and treatment recommendations.
  • If the treatment team feels that the patient is appropriate for Functional Restoration, and the patient agrees, patient will be enrolled in the Functional Restoration Program.
  • The program is personalized for each patients needs.
  • Patient progress is reevaluated weekly at an interdisciplinary meeting.
  • An aftercare program

Our goal is to treat the whole person, recognizing that pain and disability affect all aspects of a person's life. Each patient enrolled in the program participates in structured daily activities and receives individual case management, tailored psychological counseling, and exercise therapy, as needed.

  • Four hours of physical training and integration with your goals and plans for work, play, and daily activities (there is extensive planning to ensure you can maintain the gains you have made).
  • A one-hour lecture about important topics such as anatomy, surgery, pain, drugs, and vocational resources.
  • Counseling and instruction in pain management and coping skills geared toward self-management of pain.