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Diaphragmatic Breathing


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Lie down with your knees bent. You can also do the exercise while sitting or standing upright once you have mastered it laying down. Place one hand on your chest and the other one on your abdomen, just above your waist. Try and relax before getting started. Inhale deeply through your nose while gently pushing out your abdomen (Note: Your chest should not move).You should be able to feel the hand on your abdomen moving outward. With your abdomen extended outward, your diaphragm can now drop down making more room for air in your lungs. Exhale slowly using pursed lips while gently pushing inward and upward with your hand to help empty your lungs completely. Repeat. Practice the technique in a sitting and standing position till you are comfortable doing it anywhere.

Note: Think of your lungs like a cup. When you fill a cup with water it fills from the bottom. When you empty the cup it empty's from the top. The same thing should happen with your lungs when your are breathing. Most of us don't use all of our full lung capacity.